When my father had me complete my own tax return at age 13 (back when you got a paper form 1040A from the library), I really started paying attention to personal finance issues.  I had so many questions about taxes, stocks, mutual fund investing, the economy...

These questions led me to the discovery of a relatively new profession, one where an "expert generalist" could work with a family, their CPA, attorney and professional team to achieve better financial outcomes.  Years later, I became a Certified Financial PlannerTM certificant using foundational coursework from San Diego State University - the first in the nation to provide financial planning education through a fully accredited degree program.

Since 1998, I have helped individuals and families with a range of matters, from personal budgeting to advanced investment and tax planning -- allowing them to feel less stressed and spend more time on things they care about.

While I enjoy the technical aspects of my profession, it is really gratifying to simplify a complex matter and enable clients to make wise choices. These dual interests have led me to obtain respected qualifications like the CFP® and CFA® designations.

When I’m not in the office, you’ll often find me and my wife scrambling to keep up with our energetic kids (and beagle). We enjoy visiting local treasures like Balboa Park and our beaches, and travel whenever we can.

Please go to the advisor website at if you wish to learn more about me and our team; or reach me directly at or (858) 459-8289 ext 301.